TOP 5 best decks in Smashing Four

Smashing Four-strategy with a bias on the card game in which players will have to come together in fierce battles in the 1×1 format. Gradually, the game world unlocks new arenas and heroes, which is why you have to adapt to the changed conditions. Important on the way to success is the right choice of decks. When compiling them, it is worth considering that the heroes are divided into ordinary, rare and epic, the latter are able to cause maximum damage.

Top 5 best smashing four decks

In smashing Four decks consist of heroes, their characteristics must complement each other to bring the best result.

All the characters, without exception, have advantages and disadvantages. For example, Goblin and Bomber have enough little lives, but under this possess strong damage.

smashing four колоды

Blacksmith + Satyr + Zombie + Naga. Option is not the most obvious, immediately catches the disadvantage of the deck – none of the characters are not heals and restores health. However, everyone is able to deal a lot of damage, so the game can be won without the need for treatment. If the player makes the right moves, this deck is difficult to stop.

Archer + Berserker + Barbarian + Giant. Another deck, each hero in which is able to inflict powerful damage. Its advantage is that all the characters are easy enough to get. If you want to play this deck, you should focus on pumping these characters.

Archer + Berserker + Tree + Zombie. This composition is characterized by balance, it has everything for damage and replenishment of lives. The tree helps to cause additional damage. Zombie strike takes a certain number of lives at the end of each turn.

Assassin + Archer + Barbarian + Orc. The assassin and Archer in the same deck allow you to deal solid damage. They are rarely put together, but this combination of characters should not be underestimated. An important role here plays Orc, with a large number of lives. It is convenient to use for collisions with several characters at once.

Pirate + Archer + Assassin + Tree. For Smashing Four, the best decks are difficult to pick up, but this is one of the best options. Combined there are tanks with a lot of lives, it is a Tree. The rest of the heroes deal massive damage, it is only necessary to protect them from frequent hits.

Best combinations of heroes

Kong + PaladinKong deals additional healing damage
Zombie + HammerheadAfter being hit by the hammer, the poison deals increased damage
Phoenix + SkeletonThese two are hard to kill because of the resurrections
Tree + NinjaIf the tree pushes the ninja will over damage
Blacksmith + ShamanPerhaps the best bunch of buffs in the game

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