State of Survival [mod lots of money]: zombie Apocalypse

Fascinating strategy on the theme of the zombie Apocalypse for smartphones, immediately attracted the attention of fans of such subjects. The game describes the events that occurred after six months since the end of the world. The task of the player is to survive in the chaos going on around, and for this it is important to build a city that can protect you from the invasion of living metrvetsov. And for those who want to simplify the game there is a State of Survival mod for a lot of money.

Game NameState of Survival: zombie Apocalypse
ModLots of money
fashion FeaturesMod menu

Infected with an unknown infection people destroyed the past life and now they are the rightful owners of the world. The remnants of the survivors of the infection are trying to survive amid the confusion. You can team up with friends and build online defense against hungry hordes.

Even in a situation of complete chaos under your command, you can gather an army of people who want to escape and create a new civilization. At the same time, you will have to look for scarce resources that will allow you to build and ensure the survival of the tribe. Therefore, in order not to die in the new world, you should build an effective strategy.

Here you will find everything you need for a cool pastime: construction and collection of materials, effective shooting and other delights. You can independently destroy monsters, but for the successful completion of missions, it is better to use the army, which can be collected by saving the survivors.

If you can fully investigate the virus that turned the inhabitants into bloodthirsty killers, then you will be subject to the entire post-apocalyptic Empire. During the struggle you will have to open a lot of terrible secrets that will reveal the whole mystery of the death of civilization.

Download for Android State of Survival: mod a lot of money


  • After you enter the game, there is a round button at the top of the screen, in this menu you can activate any functions of the mod

Download “State of Survival [мод много денег]: зомби апокалипсис” – Downloaded 9760 times – 143 MB

State of Survival mod lots of money

If you are interested in the story, you can easily download it to any device with An Android operating system version not lower than 4.1 for free. The size of the latest version is 143 MB. Despite the attractive graphics and large territory, the program is perfectly optimized and does not require powerful smartphones for high-quality work.

To simplify the process, you can make purchases of various items at low prices. However, if desired, you can play without them. In this case, you will not lose anything, just need to spend more effort on the passage, which is very pleased with those who are not used to looking for easy ways.

State of survival money Mod: install

For the game was developed mod that gives a lot of money. To install it you need:

  • download the required apk file. If you already have an application installed, you need to install a file on top of it to save all the data.
  • in settings it is recommended to allow installation from unknown sources;
  • after installing and running the application, the mod will be activated.

Cheats, codes and hacking State of Survival: Zombie Apocalypse

State of Survival cheats codes hackingthe Game is quite difficult and if you want to simplify the movement of the script, then you can perform hacking using cheat codes (* cheats may not work, we recommend you download the mod version).

Get 100 VIPJc-r029t
Increase all resources by 2 timesEr-jg09wt2
Get 500000 moneyNb-i09y2th

Cheats will help you in passing and will save you from spending time on collecting food.


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