Star Wars [mod lots of money]: galaxy of heroes

The game embodies the story of the legendary Star warriors. The player is given the opportunity to fight for dominion over the entire galaxy side by side with their favorite characters. You will gather a team of characters that met in all episodes of the film. Adventures immerse you in the most exciting flights on spaceships, turn-based RPG battles and exciting battles with strong bosses. And for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on the game, and get the most out of it, you can download the Star Wars mod a lot of money, which we will consider in this article.

Name of the gameStar Wars: galaxy of heroes
ModMod a Lot of money
Features modMod menu

Download for Android Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Download for Android Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesYou can download Star Wars for free on any app with the Android operating system, version 4.1 or higher. Despite the high-quality graphics and large map size, the program does not require powerful hardware.

Installation is quite simple, you just need to find it in the Play Market and click on the “Install” button. Then the operating system will do everything on its own.

Regardless of whether you prefer the Light side or the Dark side, you will have to build squads of the best fighters and develop your own strategies. The fate of space will depend on your decisions, so your task will be to create an invincible team.

Over time, your fighters will become more powerful, thanks to the selected equipment and new abilities. However, opponents also do not sleep and each time they become more insidious and strong.

Your battle fleet of spaceships will allow you to experience all the dynamics of battles in space. The roar of the engines will cheer up any player, and with a successful outcome, you will get items that are only available in ship battles.

You can also create your own Guild and attack the most dangerous bosses together with your friends. Having achieved superiority over other guilds, you will become the master of the universe.

EA has once again developed a true masterpiece that has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. The big advantage is that the game is designed for mobile platforms, which will allow you to enjoy the story anywhere.


  • After you enter the game, a round button appears at the top of the screen, in this menu you can activate any of the mod’s functions
  • Rapid recovery
  • Increased damage and protection

Download “Star Wars [мод много денег]: галактика героев”SW-GalaxyOfHeroes-0.18.500703-vzlom.apk – Downloaded 3620 times – 45 MB

Star Wars mod a lot of money
The game is quite complex and not everyone has enough time to go through it from beginning to end. To simplify the task, the game was hacked, and a mod was released that gives a lot of money, allowing you to build a powerful Empire in the shortest possible time.

To install it, just download the APK file and run it. In order for it to be successful, you need to allow installation from unknown sources in the settings.

Cheats, codes and hacking Star Wars galaxy of heroes

Not all people like to use hacked apps. For fans of the original versions, there are cheat codes that allow you to get certain resources when entering.

600000 goldSWGy736t
60000 crystals’SWGbxt37
6000 energiesSWGnxw27

Of course, it is much more interesting to pass without using any secrets, but with a chronic lack of time, you can simplify your task.

The legendary movie series is now available on smartphones. Now everyone can feel like the king of the universe.


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