Hacked Angry Birds 2 [mod a lot of money]

The story tells about the confrontation of two “civilizations”: birds and pigs. The green pigs started it, stealing eggs from unsuspecting birds. Those, in turn, were with the character, and decided to take revenge on the offenders. The player uses a slingshot to send red, Chuck, Bomb and others to destroy the buildings in which the green pigs are hiding. The first part of “Angry birds” company Rovio presented in 2009. In less than 2 years, every thirtieth (aged 5 to 40 years) played on his device, and every 4 tried to “walk”. On the wave of popularity, Rovio has released a few more puzzles and not only, crossing genres and universes. One of the most popular was Angry Birds 2 hacked, which is less than half a year officially downloaded 30 million times, not counting the various mod versions.

Game NameAngry Birds 2
ModLots of money
Fashion FeaturesEternal energy, endless pearls and diamonds

Download Angry Birds 2: mod a lot of money

Fashion Description

  • Energy is not wasted (you can play endlessly)
  • in the upper left corner, a mod menu appears where you can activate infinite pearls and diamonds

Download “Взломанная Angry Birds 2 [мод много денег]”angrybirds2vstroenniikesh-1576854675-procuremtentiq.com.apk – Downloaded 2472 times – 253 MB

Angry Birds 2 mod a lot of money This version is for fans of cheats. In the original version there are several “currencies»:

  • Crystals. Major currency. They are needed if you can not pass the level, as well as for various purchases.
  • Pearls. Used when buying hats to enhance birds.
  • Feathers. Increase the strength of a particular bird. Having received rainbow feathers, you can choose who to give them.

In the end, to buy anything, you need crystals. Although they can be obtained by passing, the easiest way to purchase them – to buy for real money.

Mod allows you not to pay money, and at the same time to buy everything you need to pass.

Why hack games, besides free?

Developers have moved from selling, to free distribution with internal purchases. The move made a profit, but less than expected. The next was – complication levels. Get some without paying is impossible. An additional limitation is the time to obtain a life. After 5 losses, you need to wait an hour.

The modified versions eliminate these shortcomings.

Angry Birds 2 heroes for Android: hacked version

Angry Birds 2 hackedthe Game is free. To download, you need to register in Google Play. If your device does not have Internet, you can download the apk file along with the cache in advance on the 4pda forum [or on our website]. After installation, you must unzip the cache and move it to the folder “../Android/obb/com.rovio.baba/main.2020333.com.rovio.baba.obb”.

The developers have already changed the settings to the maximum amount of money. You can just download the mod and install. The passage of this game will be much more exciting-the situation when it is impossible to pass the level is not entertaining, but annoying

Cheats, codes and hacking Angry Birds 2

Even during the heyday of CheMax popularity scored special codes for “easy” passing game. They are built in by the developers themselves for testing. Sometimes the codes remain because they have been forgotten to remove, and sometimes they are deliberately built in by programmers.

On the web you can find:

  • 6ac-321b34062f1
  • 99d-534bf1645c5
  • d50-e9e8dab9d6e
  • OB_PYDI9Z9erl
  • ND_0yeQ3OqUp6
  • OI_tlAybNJT5O

And others. Let’s tell you a secret-in Angry birds 2 is not built any cheat code. All sites on which they are located, offer to go to other resources, with instructions on how to enter them. This is “dirty” advertising and increased traffic sites.

Wrap pearls

Although it is not the main currency, it is also useful for passing. There is a simple and legal way to get them. For this purpose it is necessary:

  1. log In to the game via Facebook.
  2. Go to application settings.
  3. Find Angry birds 2, stop and clear cache.
  4. Open the game.
  5. to be trained, for it will be a bonus – 70 gems.
  6. re-login via Facebook.

After manipulation, gift pearls will be added to your indicators.


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