Gems of War builds, secrets, tricks, mods

The game “three in a row ” gems of war mod-the brainchild of Infinite Interactive. It has beautiful graphics and its own features. This is an arcade game with a cool story, mechanics and quests. The gameplay is extraordinary and bright.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game:

The gems of war hack toy can be installed for free – this is the main plus. The story has a lot of quests, interesting moments and beautiful animation. Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses in more detail:

Variety of strategies for combatDonat
Bright graphicsLack of important elements for the game
Variability in the collection consExpensive keys
Interesting mechanicsThe presence of stamina
A fascinating story and a lot of charactersMinor bugs
High-quality animationInability to battle in multiplayer

Download gems of war for Android

Download gems of war for AndroidDownload the development of gems of war mod on your smartphone can be persons who have reached 7 years. There is a Russian localization and no cache installation is required. The Android version must be 4. 1 or later. To download, open the Play store, log in, and click the green “Install” field. accept the user agreements and wait for the download. Click the “Open” button and you can start the game process.

Codes, cheats, hacking, mod a lot of money gems of war

Description of the mod

  • enemies don’t attack
  • a one-shot
  • the attack ignores defense

Download “Gems of War мод, взлом”gems-of-war-4.7.009-vzlom.apk – Downloaded 2220 times – 48 MB

If you want to download gems of war, you should know the cheats and codes for hacking. You need it to get all the resources without donating. Gems of war cheats are legal, used by developers to test toys, but it is not easy to get them. There are promo codes that you can use and not worry about being banned-combinations are not prohibited. You don’t have to pay extra for getting secret combinations.

Gems of war secrets and tricks

Gems of war secrets and tricksRemember that in gems of war, you don’t need to spend resources on opening chests – spend them on the necessary items in the store, in a special section of Glory Rewards. You need to get to the Guild as soon as possible – the number of bonuses depends on this. The header contains requirements that relate to resource slack. To get more items, raise your level. The difficulty can be seen in the left part above the avatar – there are drawn swords and a skull. You need to remember about poison fighters that their poison is active for several moves, and poison monsters are able to kill in one move.

Participate in challenges-earn souls. Only 1 quest is available for 1 Kingdom, but in the Arena for 8 battles, you can earn half a thousand souls. To enter the arena, you will have to pay a thousand gold coins. Crystals can be obtained only after completing quests, gold-in PvP mode. Fame is also mined here.

Gems of war is the best deck

Gems of war is the best deckLet’s open up gems of war secrets of card games. Each gamer has their own deck of 4 cards, it has 4 characters. Each is activated by the required number of mana. On the playing field, there are 6 decks of different shades. If you collect all 4 or more – an additional move is provided. In addition to Mans, you can see skulls on the Board. It is important to collect three or more in a row – the hero can attack his enemy, causing him heavy damage. The main thing is to win. Cards can be combined with each other, perform pumping, using souls and master stones, making their characteristics higher, opening new skills.

It is important to leave the deck correctly-by the color of Mans and spells of heroes. The characters will have to be placed correctly – the first ones suffer more from the enemy. If they have the same type, use mana. Think over your strategy, do not give your opponent the opportunity to deliver a crushing blow. You can play in a simple Arena: fight for prizes, make a deck of random cards. Want to experiment? Go on a treasure hunt, with limited abilities and moves.


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