Dream Detective game for Android

Dream detective translates as “detective of dreams”, and the name fully reflects the essence of the game. Each location is like a whimsical cocktail of fantasy and reality. The puzzle has more than sixty unique search scenes with live characters open to communication. In replicas, you can find a reference, see a funny joke, or reveal the location of a secret object. In the fantasy world, there are many secret places that you will not notice on a superficial inspection. And guessing this kind of puzzles will be a fascinating activity for attentive detectives.

Before you download dream detective, you should get to know it better.

Original freehand drawingIt may seem too childish
Minimalistic cute styleThe abundance of small details can be confusing
Carefully thought out levelsIt takes a lot of coins and time to restore the castle
Many references to famous works
Talking characters
Hidden objects
Levels of varying degrees of difficulty
The presence of the offline mode
Competition at the time

Dream Detective is installed on both PC and Android. The mobile version is especially convenient, because it will always be at hand. The app is available for free download in the Google play store.

Nice gameplay. Usually dream detective passage does not cause difficulties. The player can get a hint in one click by clicking on the item icon. Objects are not directly allocated, but specific instructions are given for finding them.

Developers generally take exceptional care of users. What are the pictures that offer to do exercises for the eyes and neck. Such reminders allow you to reduce visual stress and relax.

Download for Android Dream Detective: mod a lot of money

Dream Detective mod

For an easier and faster solution to the puzzle, you should think about how to download dream detective hacking. The app has its own currency in the form of coins. They can buy an outfit, hairstyle, and Pets for the avatar, making it unique. In addition, at your personal disposal is a lock that should be put in order-to fix broken things and choose the design of furniture. For these purposes, you will need a lot of coins that are produced slowly and with difficulty: for searching for items, viewing ads, daily rewards. There is a way to get as many coins as you want, so that you do not deny yourself anything. You can use the dream detective mod, but the method is considered too dangerous. The account is likely to be blocked. But codes are the most reliable and simple option.

Cheats, codes and hacking Dream Detective

Cheats, codes and hacking Dream DetectiveAsian programmers recommend trying these combinations:

  • b2C3C0ejLV8c
  • Ab16b2KRP8nv
  • g8AAv278eHgR
  • hE4l8VtAJ54f
  • Z8iTjLk67r1T
  • k6heP01jGO6V
  • MaS9llb969SG
  • 1Kot22J3siZF
  • FPd0An8aR7y4
  • G2FU65Jzcuk8
  • mTj94GbU53h
  • hji3F6G70nU
  • 7z1SKv3rSu8
  • 61j8tVb5fGF
  • Bm4ZtlB849l
  • eR9gSV14lu0
  • 5aXbG7L4rp6
  • nk2C4C8iv6J
  • Lv1j2Mli2Z5
  • y09tRJ70lhL

Developers periodically make updates, so some cheats may no longer work. To make a dream detective hack using codes, you need to download a suitable application with an electronic keyboard. Also some sites promise to charge a small amount of coins to the specified ID address.



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